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When one thinks of China, one often assumes that only the large state owned companies like Samsung and Lenovo are popular. But China is quickly becoming a big player in the world of electronics, especially through its growing and burgeoning manufacturing sector. A huge number of manufacturers and wholesalers now have their manufacturing operations in China. So, who are some of the leading jersey China wholesale distributors? Here are some of the top ones:


JP Enterprise. It is a well known fact that JP Enterprise has a very large reputation among its customers in the business. The company offers a wide variety of electronic gadgets including LCD televisions, computers, laptop computers, hand held games consoles, Bluetooth headsets, PDA's, digital cameras and even MP3 players. The company has branches in many places and is highly reliable. There are also websites where the company can be found and its products sold.


Jersey Electronics and Technology. This company is also one of the leading jersey China wholesale distributors. This company sells both branded and unbranded gadgets. It also has a large and reputable network of wholesale distributors, which is one reason why so many people trust this company's products. The company has its own online store and also has its own website.